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Here's what comes in the box
Database Integration

AdminBox integrates directly with your database for super-fast setup. Query your database and share useful queries with your team.

Available On-Premises

Own your data. Install AdminBox on your own server and keep your data private while still receiving updates.

Constantly Improving

We take care of the admin dashboard, freeing you up to build the features your users deserve.

Top-Notch Security

Your data remains in your database, we encrypt all credentials, and everything happens over SSL.

Adminbox desktop 2
Secure Admin Dashboard

Take control of your app

Stop building the same dashboard

Don't waste crucial development cycles reinventing the wheel!

AdminBox gives you the tools you need to run your app out of the box.

Just connect it to your PostgreSQL database, and you’ll instantly be able to work with your database tables and create charts, no code required.


Connect your services

AdminBox plays well with others

AdminBox integrates with popular services such as Stripe, Intercom and Delighted, overlaying this information with your existing database records to give you a full picture of what’s happening in your app.

Issue refunds with Stripe, see a customer’s NPS score from Delighted or view all interactions with a customer over Intercom, all without leaving your admin dashboard.


Own Your Data

Install AdminBox on your own hardware in minutes

In addition to our secure, hosted version of AdminBox, AdminBox Enterprise can be installed on your own server with a single-line shell command.

Satisfy even the strictest IT department — AdminBox Enterprise can be deployed anywhere, including AWS, Digital Ocean or your own hardware.

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Additional Features

What else can AdminBox do?

Glad you asked
Global search
Find what you're looking for

Need to access a user’s account? Just search for their email or name from the global search bar. Searching is handled intelligently, preventing unnecessary strain on your database.

Admin User Management
Collaborate seamlessly

Invite additional admin users from your organization using Google Auth (or just email). Create teams and assign granular preferences for what teams should be allowed to do.

Audit Trails
Keep track of your admins

AdminBox stores detailed logs about what actions your admin users perform and what was changed. Get to the bottom of the issue when something goes wrong, and put it back the way it was.

Powerful Charts
Make sense of your data

Create charts for key business metrics and easily visualize what’s happening in your app. Get email notifications periodically, or when something changes dramatically.

Customize your Dashboard
Make yourself at home

It’s your admin dashboard, it should feel that way. Add your own logos and colors for the dashboard and login screen and configure a custom domain name like

Extended Functionality
Plug-n-play with SDKs

Trigger application logic from the convenience of your AdminBox dashboard. Client libraries facilitate a secure API connection with your app allowing you to perform actions on records.

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